April 2012 Patient of the Month


This is my story.

At one time I weighed 180 Ibs. I needed a serious back surgery. It is so hard to care about what you are eating when you feel terrible and you can’t get around and you just hurt all the time anyway. I happen to be married to an angel. He never quit trying to think of new ideas to keep me going and not give up, always taking me special places and planning exciting things to do. But I just could not drag myself around anymore. I just wanted to lie down and DIE.

Then I met a wonderful group of young ladies at:


With their great encouragement and smiles and cheering me on each week, and the constant support of my special Angel, I have managed to make it thru a horrific back surgery. The best news is I now have met my goal weight of 139 Ibs. and I am thrilled. The injections and supplements have kept the cravings under control even when I went thru the steroid injections. Please believe me, If I can loose weight with this program.


I will continue with the maintenance program. I know I will always need guidance so that I don’t slip back into the terrible way Americans have developed their eating habits. It’s really sad to see what they are doing to themselves.

Wake up America!! That stuff you are putting in your mouth is going to destroy you!!