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The Benefits of Losing Weight

Weight loss does more for a person than simply change their body mass. Weight loss can have powerful psychological and physiological effects:

  • Confidence. Weight loss can garner a sense of internal control in the individual which can translate increased confidence. Believing in yourself and your capabilities is very important for long term success.
  • Immune function. Consuming nutritious foods coupled with exercise is the best way to spark your metabolism, and immune system! When consuming a proper diet and meeting recommended activity levels, your body is able to utilize those nutrients to create more white blood cells to help combat germs and pathogens from causing sickness.
  • Positive Mood. Stress reduction from weight loss comes from a few different areas. Reduced stress, increased self-efficacy (how you feel about yourself and your abilities), and a general boost in cognition all contribute to a more positive mood from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

There are endless resources on how to lose weight, but to optimize your strategies follow this guide:


1) Count your calories. The basic principle of weight loss is making sure the calories you consume are less than the calories you are burning. This leaves you in a caloric deficit, which leads to weight loss over time. A healthy caloric deficit for healthy individuals is around 500-1000 calories a day. This would lead to a 1 – 2 lbs weight loss per week.


2) Move. Whether you join a recreational basketball team, go for evening walks, or hit the gym — the goal is to burn calories and create a healthier body composition. Exercise can reduce stress, build lean tissue (like bone and muscle), and boost the immune system over time. All of these side effects will in turn help the body lose more fat mass, which is the goal!


3) Enjoy the Journey. Find what works for your body specifically to optimize your weight loss results. For some that might mean eating a lower carbohydrate diet and partaking in endurance training activities. For others it might mean finding different times throughout the day to take 10-minute walks or yoga practice  to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Every individual is different and unique and should take a personal approach to weight loss.


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The ABC’s of Losing Weight

The ABC’s of Losing Weight
Wouldn’t it be nice if losing weight was as easy as singing the ABC’s? Well, it doesn’t always have to be so tough if you remember these three rules of thumb:
Always drink your water and stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and loss of activity, which in the end means you burn less calories. Staying hydrated is the key to overall health and wellness!
Be cautious of crash diets and fads. Very low calorie diets may seem great at first as you drop the weight, but the long term results are less than desirable. Researches supports the idea of slower, more long term weight loss goals to achieve your desired body and maintaining it!
Create a positive and reinforcing environment that supports your weight loss goals. Studies show that social support and environmental cues play a huge roll in successful weight loss journeys. Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded friends and family members and make sure to rid the house of unhealthy trigger foods. You’re less likely to break a diet if you aren’t surrounded by the food after all!
Weight loss can be tricky, but it doesn’t always have to be. Contact Go Weight Loss now to see how we can best assist you on your weight loss journey.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Weight Loss

If you feel confused on where to start in your weight loss journey, here are some simple strategies to get you on track:

  • Do: Eat 3-5 meals a day depending on your calorie goals for the day. Don’t: Skip meals just to limit calories on a regular basis.
  • Do: Stay hydrated and avoid excess amounts amount of salt. Don’t: Limit water intake in an attempt to lower your number on the scale.
  • Do: Add variety into your diet. Fruits and vegetables are a great way to get in many needed vitamins and minerals. Don’t: Get bored with a bland eating plan.
  • Do: Stay active even on days that you work out. Don’t: Lead a sedentary lifestyle outside of the gym.
  • Do: Have cheat meals and diet breaks every once in a while. Don’t: Keep your calories restricted for months in an effort to lose more weight.
  • Do: Meal prep and plan your meals ahead of time. Don’t: Wait until last minute to figure out meals and opt for fast food instead.

Working out and eating a healthy diet may seem daunting at first, but if you keep these “Do’s” in mind you are going to set yourself up for success! For more tips on losing your way to winning, Contact us Today! 407-644-6401

Easy Diet Modifications for Quick Weight Loss


Are you at the beginning of your weight loss journey or hitting a plateau? Well here are three simple diet changes to kickstart your metabolism and start cutting fat:

  • Reduce Sodium. The average recommended intake of sodium is 2,300 mg a day for an adult, but many processed and diet foods contain super high amounts of salt. Consuming too much salt can lead to bloating, which means an increased number on the scale. Reducing sodium intake can help you lose water weight and is also very beneficial for heart health!
  • Increase Protein. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or consume meat on a regular basis, increasing protein can help the body recover from workouts, preserve lean body tissue, and aid in fat loss. The NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) recommends individuals consume between 1.2-1.5 grams per pound of body weight per day.
  • Avoid Carbs after dinner. Typically, the average individual reduces energy expenditure towards the end of the day. This means that the body requires less calories and therefore needs less carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are in foods like rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. Avoiding these foods at night can lead to faster weight loss results. However, If you work out at night, eating a small amount of carbs and protein post-exercise can help maintain lean body mass and actually burn more calories.

Following these three easy tips can help you achieve your weight loss goals safely and quickly. Contact Go Weight loss today for more help with your fitness journey.

The New Year’s Resolution


Every December 31st, flushed with the joy of being with friends and family and the excitement of a new year, we promise ourselves tomorrow will be the day we make the big changes, to eat better, to lose weight and get healthy.

Making New Year’s resolutions, comparing them with friends and working on them can be fun, but the thrill tends to fade as regular life re-asserts itself. Because the majority of New Year’s resolutions are health-related, it’s worth sticking with it the entire year.

Here are some ideas and strategies for keeping yourself on track and getting to the healthier person you want to be! It doesn’t have to be January 1st for you to start. You can start RIGHT NOW!

Refine your resolution. Resolving to “lose weight” is too general and can be difficult to stick to. Instead, think about what you could do differently at each eating occasion. Write a list of the foods and behaviors you could potentially change.

Narrow the field. Select one or two specific behaviors you can change. Making small steps, even tiny steps, can lead to big improvements over time. Starting the day with breakfast, taking a sack lunch to work or resolving to cook more meals at home are possible ways you could eat better.

Write it down. Keeping a food diary of what you eat and drink each day can help you manage your weight. If you’ve got a smart phone, you can log everything under the sun with MyFitnessPal. It only takes a few second and will dramatically help you, it’s almost like playing a game. It’s fun!

Get real. Make sure your resolution is something you can incorporate into your daily life. You may read about an amazing diet that has you eating spicy pickled Korean cabbage three times a day, but if you don’t like hot foods, cross if off your list and move on. Food preferences are personal and you should eat what you love in moderation.


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3 REAL Tips for Losing Weight


For some, weight loss can seem daunting at first, but if you keep these three tips in mind, you’ll have no problem starting and maintaining your weight loss goals.

  • Start small. Whether you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds to lose, slowing adding more nutritious foods into your daily routine, as opposed to focusing on what foods you need to avoid can help you foster a healthier and more attainable lifestyle. Think about each meal and snack as a way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables. As we know, fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of nutrients and phytochemicals that can boost immunity, improve energy levels, and combat fatigue – all things we need during periods of weight loss!
  • This is a Marathon, not a sprint. In order to maintain motivation and not lose momentum, it’s important to remember that weight loss is a long-term goal. Understanding that the process takes time will help you avoid frustration and stay committed and consistent with your healthy diet and activity goals.
  • Diet Breaks. Just like we mentioned, sometimes the scale doesn’t budge for a week or two even when you’ve been following all the steps to lose weight. In these cases, a diet break can be your best bet. A diet break, which is a little different than a cheat meal, is a 1 to 2-day deviation from your diet, where you eat maintenance calories as opposed to being in a caloric deficit. This can help reset your metabolism and light that flame that helps you keep burning calories.

Focusing on increasing healthy habits while minimizing impedances is the key to success. Losing weight can be made much easier if you follow these three tips.

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