Changing the Way You Think


With GO Medical Weight loss, change begins with an exploration of your weight loss beliefs and expectations. When you understand your expectations, you’re better able to achieve your goals.

Effective Weight Management Begins with Motivation

You’ll learn ways of dealing with both the internal and external forces around you. By viewing these forces together, you can improve your chances for permanent weight management.

Self-Control Begins with Objective Self-Observation

Permanent changes in weight behaviors are not possible without accurate self observation. The GO Medical Weight Loss program relies heavily on record keeping and self-monitoring techniques that help you gain control of your problem.


The phrase “know theyself” is especially pertinent to the overweight patient. In the GO Medical Weight Loss program, your relationship with food will be explored in order to give you the tools to succeed in weight management.

Separating Fact from Fiction

During the GO Medical Weight Loss program, you’ll learn the truth about the risks of cyclical dieting, the starvation controversy, vitamin therapy, etc. You’ll explore the effects of stress and highlight ways to minimize its effect upon your life.

Nutrition Information

You’ll be in the know with up-to-date information on the latest trends and research on nutrition related topics.

Total Control

The process of Total Control is a permanent lifestyle change with takes many weeks. Your condition established itself over a long period of time. It is unrealistic to expect that it will resolve itself quickly.

Permanent weight management depends on lifestyle change. The modifying of behavior may be difficult and time consuming, however, it is the only sure way to attain total control..