Orlando Weight Loss Success Story – Stephanie Eisenberg

Stephanie Eisenberg:
“A Weight Loss Success Story”

Greater Orlando Medical Weight Loss Patients Come First!

At 27 years old, busy television executive Stephanie Eisenberg decided that it was time to take control of her weight — and her life. After attempting to find an outfit for a special occasion and realizing that a closet-full of cocktail dresses no longer fit, Stephanie began her search to find a weight loss program that worked for her busy lifestyle.

Stephanie did her homework and took time to properly research weight loss centers throughout Central Florida. After making several unsuccessful phone calls to weight loss clinics that “just weren’t the right fit,” Stephanie finally spoke to Terri Martz, Head Weight Loss Counselor at GO Weight Loss, “who was great at explaining the program and made me feel comfortable right from the start,” said Stephanie.

“I didn’t agree with using the hormone HCG or going on a radical diet that could be detrimental to my health,” Stephanie said. “When I spoke to the people at GO Weight Loss, I knew I found the right program with a long term solution.”

At 14 weeks into the program, Stephanie has lost 35 pounds and is on track to achieving her weight loss goal of losing a total of 160 pounds. GO is helping her reach this goal by through a combination of nutrition counseling, medication therapy, behavior modification and exercise recommendations. This proven combination helps patients achieve their goals and make long-term lifestyle changes.

For Stephanie, her experience at GO Weight Loss has been about more than just losing weight:

“The program has changed the way I look at food and health. I’ve become an avid supporter of healthy habits and enjoy activities that support a healthy lifestyle. I still enjoy going

out with my husband and friends, I just have a new way of looking at things,” Stephanie said. “While I’ve become a healthier person physically, I also realized along the way that this weight loss journey meant more than physical weight loss. I’ve changed emotionally. I’m getting to the root of my issues with food and started to really believe in myself. I’ve always been confident when it comes to my work and professionalism, but I’m not as confident on the inside as I appear on the outside. Now, I know I am a strong, beautiful woman who can do anything I put my mind to.”