Patient of the Month – Renne’s Story – Orlando Weight Loss Success

Great Work Renne, we are so proud of you!


Greater Orlando Medical Weight Loss helped me to lose the weight I could not lose on my own. Before starting the program I had spent years feeling helpless and out-of-control.I now look forward to seeing Terri and Madeline each week, as they are my own personal cheerleading team.I’m so excited to have not only enough energy to get through life but to get involved and enjoy life.
I was so excited when I was offered a sit-down, office job almost ten years ago. What I didn’t realize was my eating habits should have changed to support my new, sedentary lifestyle.I continued to rationalize as the pounds came on, and I would avoid cameras, scales, and mirrors. My energy was depleted, and I started to realize I didn’t have the energy to do even the simple tasks of daily life, much less to have hobbies or interests.I’d order a large pizza on Sundays and eat the whole thing by myself while watching TV. My dog and I both gained weight because I wasn’t getting out much.

Last October, I caught a cold that wouldn’t go away. I had four trips to the doctor and tried a variety of medication. The last trip was the day after Christmas, when I saw that I weighed 222 pounds.I wanted to cry.How did I get this bad?This wasn’t the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. That was when I found Greater Orlando Medical Weight Loss. I was a little skeptical at first. I had tried and failed Medifast, Weight Watchers, and making changes on my own. Could they really help? Could I stay motivated? How would this time be different?

This time IT was different. The support from Terri and Madeline has been phenomenal, and the approach was easy to follow. They’ve been so helpful and supportive throughout this journey. I’ve lost over 80 pounds in eight months, and my dog is looking healthy too! I love having energy to go places and do things I’ve started cooking and trying new foods, running, learning Korean (my godson is Korean), and I just enrolled in swimming lessons!