How to get started with your Customized Weight Loss Program?

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What We Offer

Complete Medical Exam with Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor

  • EKG, Blood Panel
  • Body Composition Analysis Review and Discuss Any Health Concerns
  • Customized Meal Program
  • Develop Action Plan Tailored to Your Personal Goals
  • Discuss Integrating Supplements & Appetite Suppressant
  • Discuss Benefits Lipotropic Fat Burning Injection

Weekly Follow Ups for Health and Progress Review

  • Blood Pressure, Weight, and Body Fat Check
  • Introduce Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Meal Coaching
  • Weekly Lipotropic Fat Burning Injection
  • Discuss Exercise Options
  • Replenish Supply of Supplements (if prescribed)


  • Weekly and Monthly Options Available
  • Includes Weigh Ins and Injections
  • Replenish Supply of Supplements