Karen’s success story

My weight has yo-yoed up and down since I was in college. I gained the usual college 15 and extra weight with the birth of each of my three children which remained attached to me for the following 20 plus years. I have been on every weight loss program out there at one time or another. I would be fairly successful on some of these programs but always gained the weight back, plus a few extra pounds, very quickly.
I am now working for a company that has a health initiative every year around this time. My blood work last year showed high cholesterol and high blood pressure for the first time. I knew that I had to do something about the extra weight I had put on. I talked to Dr. Cruz, my primary care physician, that day, about his weight loss program and signed up for a consultation that week. I began the program and was coached weekly by the terrific ladies at Dr. Cruz’s office. Terri, Madeline and Brenda have become friends who I look forward to seeing every week.
It is now a year later. I am 50lbs. lighter even after three cruises and the holiday season. I lost weight and body fat every week on the program until I reached my goal. I never felt hungry and the program helped me lose my sweet tooth and dependency on carbs. Now when I am hungry I reach for my proteins and have a fruit as a snack. The supplements are great too…I took all the recommended supplements and swear by the Nopalina! I recommend the yogurt/pudding! It’s delicious and is now a favorite snack of mine. When I reached my goal weight, which I have never done on another program. I started on maintenance and began adding a few carbs back into my diet but found that they are no longer what I crave. I continued to lose about five more pounds even after starting maintenance.
I now know that what I learned from Dr. Cruz and his staff is a new way of life. I am so pleased with my new body and have much more confidence in my personal and professional life…not to mention the really cute clothes I can wear now. I have so much more energy and feel better than I ever had. I suffer from some intestinal problems and they have all but disappeared. I know that I have motivated my own children and some go-workers to also take stock of their health.
This week as I prepare to pack my suitcase for yet another cruise I am not worried about the buffet lines and the endless meals as I know what choices to make. And being able to pack the gown my daughter wore to her High School Homecoming dance is just a bonus.
Thank you Dr. Cruz, Terri, Madeline, and Brenda for believing in me and motivating me through the last year!!
Karen M