The Benefits of Losing Weight

Weight loss does more for a person than simply change their body mass. Weight loss can have powerful psychological and physiological effects:

  • Confidence. Weight loss can garner a sense of internal control in the individual which can translate increased confidence. Believing in yourself and your capabilities is very important for long term success.
  • Immune function. Consuming nutritious foods coupled with exercise is the best way to spark your metabolism, and immune system! When consuming a proper diet and meeting recommended activity levels, your body is able to utilize those nutrients to create more white blood cells to help combat germs and pathogens from causing sickness.
  • Positive Mood. Stress reduction from weight loss comes from a few different areas. Reduced stress, increased self-efficacy (how you feel about yourself and your abilities), and a general boost in cognition all contribute to a more positive mood from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

These are all amazing things your body can do for you during weight loss,  Call 407-644-6401 or email us Today to get started!